"The Motherhood Collection started with a need – a need for something better.
In the Fall of 2014, Maya – the founder and creator of The Motherhood Collection gave birth to
her first-born son, Wesley. At only 6 weeks old, the frigid winter cold was well underway, and
Wesley began to develop eczema from head to toe.

Like every new mother, watching your little one’s delicate skin deteriorate day by day was heart
wrenching. Maya tried every suggestion she was given – from moisturizing 10 times daily to using
no laundry detergent to running a humidifier in the house 24/7 – but nothing seemed to work.

One night during bath time, Maya found herself wiping Wesley down with a regular cotton washcloth
she was given at her baby shower. Like usual, Wesley began to cry, only this time, he pushed away
Maya’s hand every time the washcloth came near - and then it clicked. The washcloths were rough
on his skin, irritating it night after night, not allowing his skin to heal.

Maya then set out to find the softest washcloths, from high-end cotton to microfiber, but nothing
was good enough. So, she developed her own 100% Ultra Soft Rayon from Bamboo Washcloth."

And that’s how we were born.

Made from 100% Rayon from Bamboo

Our super durable washcloths are made with you and nature in mind. With it’s rapid growth, bamboo is sustainable and helps reduce environmental toxins by consuming carbon dioxide.

Completely Clean and Sustainable

Our top priority is your baby’s health and wellbeing. Our plush washcloths will
keep your baby feeling fresh and clean. Have peace of mind knowing you are
using the best products with your child

Makes The Perfect Gift

Individually wrapped and beautifully packaged, our washcloths
make gifting easy! Practical and versatile, every parent will love
them just like we do!


See what other Mothers have to say about us

"The ONLY washcloth that does
not irritate my baby's skin!"

~ Lauren B. ~ 
Baby Holden

"This was my favourite gift
I received from the baby shower!"

~ Khrisna K. ~
Baby Misha

"No more crying during meal
time clean ups!"

~ Selma G. ~ 
Baby Alex